How should I store my treats?

  • Our treats are lacking in unidentifiable ingredients that are hard to pronounce and this is what makes our treats so tasty and desirable.  However, many of those unidentifiable words you see on treat packages are preservatives, that keep the treats safe for long periods of time. Since our treats are lacking in such preservatives, we recommend that you place the treats in an air tight container and store them in the refrigerator. We bake our treats to remove the majority of moisture, and include an oxygen absorber pack in each package.   Storing as indicated above, should keep your treats fresh for approximately a month.  You can also place the treats in an air tight container and put them in the freezer for up to 3 months.  Of course Dude, usually finishes his LONG before a month passes, but some dogs may not have Dude's vacuum like ability to inhale treats.

How does local pick up work?

  • We offer local pick up at Yellowstone Park -off leash area. The park is located at 68-01 Yellowstone Boulevard (between 68th Ave. and 68th Rd.) The off leash area is on the corner of 68th Rd and Yellowstone Boulevard.  Please be sure to include a contact number so we can coordinate a time to meet and pick up your treats.

    Why don’t you sell outside of NY State?

    • At this time our licensing is limited to NY.  Stay tuned as we expand our ability to ship and sell to additional states.  Once we are able to do so, turn around on out of state orders will be expected to be between 3-5 business days, however we won’t have control on actual shipping time once a package is left with the carrier.

    Why should I get these treats, instead of the many treats that are on the market? Some are even cheaper.

    • Our treats are handcrafted with simple ingredients in small batches. They are not mass produced in factories or filled with preservatives and fillers.  We use quality ingredients, get our products independently tested through a 3rd party provider, follow Americas Association of Animal Feed Control Officers (AAFCO)  label guidelines and are licensed by the state department of Agriculture.  We don’t produce anything we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving to “His Lordship”.  Dude, is after-all high maintenance.

    How do we find out what events you participate in?

    • You can follow us on social media for the most up to date information.
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    • Instagram: @Dudesdeliciousdogtreats